3 to 155 KW

The most efficient and reliable solution for high precision air conditioning is engineered to the Highest standards, NEXT LEGACY high precision air conditioners are key in most critical IT Environment.

Complex IT environments are characterized by extremely variable thermal loads, which require very high cooling capacity at full load in order to not compromise the correct operation of the IT machines when they are most needed. NEXT LEGACY range makes it possible to keep temperature and humidity constant even with very strong load variations, ensuring premium sensible cooling capacity values.

High precision air conditioning from 3 to 155 KW with 4 versions available:

  • Single/ double circuit
  • Dual Fluid
  • Full inverter
  • Free Cooling



i-NEXT LEGACY air conditioners features a new intelligent electronic heart to keep constant control over all the operating and environmental parameters of the site. Designed and developed internally, the new control is highly configurable according to specific user requirements, ensuring:

  • Automatic restart from blackout
  • Integrated management system up to 10 units (LAN)
  • Full BMS compatibility (Ethernet, Bacnet, SNMP, Modbus, TCP/IP, LON)
  • BLACK BOX for predictive analysis
  • DEW POINT control
  • ADAPTIVE SET POINT management
  • ACTIVE FREE COOLING management                                                            
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