1.5 Ton to 12.5 Ton

Main Features :


Unit casing is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel plate. Both side of the casing is waterproof and anti-corrosion coated. Unit panel structure is allowed to maintain on one side of the unit. Service panels are removed easily and reinstalled by removing bolts. The inside of indoor unit panels will be covered with 10mm insulation to prevent heat and noise coming out. Units are available for forklift transportation.      


All units are equipped with direct-drive, hermetic, Inverter scroll type compressor, and it’s built-in motor is cooled with suction gas. The voltage utilization range is ±10% of unit nameplate voltage. The compressors, incorporating a built-in muffler, are mounted on springs within a steel housing to reduce noise. An electric heater around the compressor crankcase to ensure stability starting.  

Heat-exchanger coils

Inner-threaded copper tubes mechanically bonded to a configured hydrophilic aluminum fin is standard for the outdoor heat-exchanger. The one which is equipped in indoor unit is standard configurated with copper tubes. All the coils are leak tested at 4.4MPa at the factory to ensure the pressure integrity. All the indoor units are standard configurated a condensate drain pan.              

Three-phase protector

The unit with three-phase power supply is equipped with phase sequence protector as optional. These devices protect motors and compressors against problems caused by phase lack, phase imbalance and phase reversal indication. When the voltage is above or below the normal range, it works and prevents unit from suffering voltage fluctuations.        

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