6 , 8 , 10 , 12.5 Ton

Clima Control CDC Series Ducted split has combined the comfort and top grade of the central air conditioners with convenient
installation and facilities, It oers the perfect combination of superior product quality, highly effcient operation and reliable cost.
All capacities are rated according to EN 60335. These units are manufactured under strict quality control with full conformance to
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Capacity range from 24,000 BTU to 150,000 BTU. It’s the perfect choice for small supermarkets,
chain stores, hotels,restaurants, oces, villas and meeting rooms etc. CDC is also fit for the small commercial and industrial applications in GCC, because it’s designed for cooling when the outdoor temperature rise to 125F.
  • High effciency copeland scroll compressor with High SEER.R410A, Environmental friendly refrigerant will not destroy the ozonosphere.


  • 2 external pressure gauge ports, which are permanently identified with embossed wording that clearly identifies the compressor circuit,

high pressure connection and low pressure connection.

  • With the gauge ports mounted externally, an accurate diagnostic of system operation can be performed quickly and easily without

disrupting airflow.


  • The large split air conditioners with special anti corrosion treatment are suitable for seaside areas or the areas exposed

to acidic substances.


  • Special anti-corrosion treatment of heat exchanger provides 5 to 6 times greater resistance against acid rain and salt corrosion.

All PCB parts in the unit are coated with double side moisture proof paint.

  • The outer side of electric box metal cover is spray painted. Casings of the unit, motors and screws are anti rust.
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