1.5 Ton to 12.5 Ton

Main Features  : 

Convenient installation

  • Compact design. Concealed installation without floor space requirement. 
  • Hidden in the ceiling, unit installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure.
  • Air inlet & outlet flange are standard for easy duct connection.Easy maintenance through the inspection port.

Free air duct design

  • Multi diffusers from one indoor unit, air-conditioned multi rooms at the same time.
  • Three speeds of air supply can be chosen via controller.
  • The indoor unit is suitable for various applications where there are many rooms or halls, such as restaurant, concert halls and hotels. 
  • Flexible duct design for different room styles.                                           

Indoor fan

The indoor fan is forward-curved blade centrifugal fan. Impeller and casing are made of galvanized steel sheet. The high quality ball bearings are air-sealed with preset lubricating oil. They are coated after assembly in order to provide corrosion resistance. The fan is directly driven by a waterproof motor. The fan and motor assembly is tested and dynamic balance is implemented in the factory.       

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