7.5 , 8.5 , 10 , 12.5 , 15 TONS

CLIMA CONTROL’s rooftop air cooled package unit provide capacity range from 74,400 BTU to 360,000 BTU which have been
developed to provide comfort air conditioning for all various applications such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, schools,
hospitals, show rooms, private villas and office buildings.
  • Multiple self protecting function gurantee the saftey of unit and perfect operation running such as High pressure protection, low – pressure

protection,over heat protection, over current protection and so on.

  • Pre painted exterior cabinet panels pass 1000 – hour salt spray test for durability.Weather resistant construction with capped seams and

sloped top panels.G90 Galvanized heavy guage plate conforming to ASTM-653, Zinc content of galvanized plate is 275g/m3 .

  • The fan motors for evaporator have over-heat protection and over current Protection function. The fan motors for condenser have the

temperature Controller protection function.

  • Using highly efficient thin wing, also condenser has highly effcient heat exchanger, the energy waste decreases greatly.
  • High efficiency scroll compressor, compressor start-stop is controlled directly by the main control board to prevent compressor start
and stop frequently.
  • Using professional compressor, heat exchanger and optimum connection pipe, the compressor can startup under low power input to

provide maximum reliability, efficiency and quiet operation.

  • Two refrigerant circuits on larger units (above 12.5ton) provide efficient part load Performance.
  • Standard low and high pressure safety switches.
  • There are two independent refrigerant cycle systems, the capacity output is adjusted automatically by different demand, save energy

when one control system is in running according to low capacity output.

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